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Our Little Footstep Books

oh-deerOur Little footsteps Books are based on qualities to assist children in the footsteps of life. These books are here to help parents discover with their children their unique qualities and strengths that are within all children. Our feet are all shapes and sizes and one thing we all have in common, we all start out with little feet small and fearless and yet so vulnerable in the ways of the world. We all begin like shimmering diamonds, joyful perfection untouched by the turmoil of today’s world.

The qualities portrayed in these stories will help reinforce these nurturing values which will act as a protective shield and support in the uncertain and exciting journey of life. We are all on our own life journey with our own personality, life experience and treasured gifts which are unique. We are all going in different directions this way and then that way until the time is right and our feet begin to listen to what our inner truth is telling us and leading us home along our true path that is our life’s purpose. By reading these Australian animal stories parents and children will see themselves in the unique characters and be drawn to the truth behind the fun stories allowing them to be more of who they really are.

My intention is that you read these books with your children and they assist your children’s journey and your own in gratitude and grace for a fuller life.

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